Art Activity: Plaster Casting


Our first activity is plaster casting.  I went to Seal Beach pier on Sunday to do my plaster casting.  I used my hand as the mold.  My plaster casting result was somewhat disappointing.  I wanted the plaster to have fingers but my mold didn’t hold when I took my hand out.  I think it was because the sand was not wet enough so it didn’t pack in well. This was my first time using plaster so I think my plaster mixture might have been too thick.   Also, while using the brush to wipe off the sand, I broke one of the fingers on the plaster.  While I waited for the plaster to set, I spent the 30 minutes looking for shells.  I found some pretty cool shells. 14114681_1269822606362737_1973296051_o

But while I was looking for shells I dropped my phone in the ocean.

Overall I liked this activity.  It was fun and interesting even though I broke my phone.


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