Week 2: Classmate Conversation


I met Vincent this week.  He is a third year computer engineering student.  Vincent likes to draw but wishes he can do it better than just doodles.  He is a computer engineering student because he is interested in how technology works.  He thinks that technology is going to be the future, which I agree with, and he wants to know about it.  I asked him what he wanted to do after he graduates and he says that he is just trying to graduate and will think about it when he gets there.

Question of the week: Is art important in today’s world?

Vincent thinks that art is important in today’s world.  Art captures things you don’t usually see.  It lets people see other’s perspectives and connects people.  He believes art is a big part of the world because art has always been here.

At the end of our conversation, we started to talk about our pets.  He said that he really likes animals but animals don’t like him.  He has two dogs, one they got from a shelter and another they got from his cousin.  He says he thinks they like him but they like everyone.  His favorite dog was his grandma’s dog.  He said that the dog would follow him everywhere and he misses him.


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