Week 2: Art Activity- Landscapes with a Corpse



For this weeks art activity, we imagined our death and took photos of it.  I really love dogs and I feel like I always surround myself with dogs so naturally I thought the reason for my death would probably involve dogs.  The dog in the photos is not mine.  Her name is NiNi and she’s my mom’s friend’s dog that I dog sit pretty often.

Originally I was inspired by this post I saw on Tumblr.


But I couldn’t do it because every time I tried to get her to lay down next to me she wouldn’t calm down as seen in these pictures.


This one is my favorite one.


Just look at her she looks crazy.


So this is my Landscapes with a Corpse, when I die I would want to lay next to a dog with it watching over my body.

Although the actual cause of death would be something like being sat on by a dog.



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