Week 3: Artist Conversation- Alvaro Fall

Exhibition Information

Artist: Alvaro Fall

Exhibition: A Response to Classical Music , Marilyn Werby Gallery

Media: Video, paint, classical music

Website: in progress

Social Media: none

About the Artist

Alvaro Fall is from Guatemala and he moved to California at the age of 8.  At a young age he taught himself how to draw and loved the experience of art.  He is a second year transfer at CSULB.  Prior to attending CSULB, he was attending L.A. City College.  He is currently working on his Bachelor’s degree and plans on obtaining a teaching credential.  He wants to teach art to children and share the freedom he finds in art.  Some other art works he has done includes ceramics, painting, figures on canvas, and photography.

Formal Analysis

In the piece, A Response to Classical Music, Alvaro Fall uses paint as his main medium.  He uses paint, classical music, and video as the media in his work.  Alvaro Fall calls his piece a sculpture painting.  In addition to paint, he adds the clothing he wore while creating his piece.  The colors used in his piece include white, yellow, blues, pinks, and many others.  His body moves with the rhythm of the music and creates smooth and jagged lines of paint.  Some of the paints mix together and some splatter.

Content Analysis

While creating this piece, Alvaro Fall is trying to create a response from the audience.  He says he does not consider it a performance or a dance.  It is simply his immediate emotional response to the music.  He does not plan out his movements.  The pieces of clothing added to the piece has their own identity and meaning.


I found his piece interesting because it stood out from the other art pieces in the galleries.  This piece is very unique because it is in the form of a painting, sculpture, and video.  I found this piece to be a representation of the emotions elicited while listening to the piece of music being played.  I thought the initial blank black paper was a representation of a blank mind with no emotions running through it.  As the music progressed, I saw that the swirls of colors represented the different feelings that were expressed as a response to the music.






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