Week 4: Artist Conversation – Jane Weibel

Exhibition Information

Artist: Jane Weibel

Exhibition: Psycho Cycle 

Media: ceramics

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: Janeweibel.com

Social Media: Instagram: Janemargarette

About the Artist

Jane Weibel is a CSULB BFA Ceramics undergraduate student.  She is currently 31 years old.  Jane is from San Diego.  Before attending CSULB, Jane attended San Diego Mesa College.  There, she took a variety of classes, like biology, nutrition, and massage therapy.  She also has curated art shows.  Jane got into ceramics after she took a ceramics class and from there, moved to sculptures.  Her current hobby is going to escape rooms.  Jane is in her last semester of school and is planning on applying to graduate school.  She hopes to go to UCLA for her graduate degree.

Formal Analysis

Psycho Cycle contains a variety of different works.  All of the pieces in the exhibition are colorful.  Many contain images of women.  Many works also contain large rocks.  One piece is made of many pieces of colorful plastic.  Another piece is a pile of shredded colored paper.

Content Analysis

The overall theme of this exhibition is feminism.  The purpose of this exhibition is to give women a space to be centered.  Through the individual pieces in Psycho Cycle, Jane Weibel highlights issues women face.  Many pieces in the exhibition contain large rocks often placed on top of pictures of women.  These rocks represent the burden women carry in society.  These burdens include expectations placed on women, women being spoken over and not included.  It is the burden to have to deal with these things.  One piece, Jane calls it “the cage”, is a piece that is made of colored plastic and resembles a cage, highlights womens’ feeling of being caged in.  Another piece contains a photo of women placed over a flame and under a hanging rock, is showing women unable to escape.  On top is a rock crushing them and on the bottom they are set on fire.  Another piece is the pile of shredded paper.  This piece was inspired by another artist’s piece she saw.  That piece had a pile of candy on the ground and visitors were allowed to take the candy.  The pieces of candy represented the artist’s friends who are dying of AIDS.  As more people took the candy, the pile of candy got smaller, meaning that more people have died.  In Jane’s piece, the shredded paper meant destruction of identity.  She said that this piece was open to interpretation.  This piece was not specific to women and the issues they face.


Jane Weibel’s Psycho Cycle really spoke to me because of the themes highlighted in her works.  I really support feminism as well and I agreed with her message.  She said that everyday, women have to deal with microagressions and have to face discrimination.  As a woman in this society I have faced the struggles and discrimination that were showcased in her exhibition.  That is why I found Jane’s pieces to be very relatable.  I also admire her for openly being a feminist because often times being a feminist has a negative connotation in this society, which goes to highlight even more the struggles women have to face in society.

Psycho Cycle 

“the cage”







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