Week 9: Art Activity – Art Care Package 

This week’s art activity is an art care package. I decided to do a art care package/ time capsule and decided to send it to my future self. I made it like a time capsule because I feel that sometimes we can get very disconnected from other people and from what makes us passionate and happy because of all the stuff that happens in life that we forget them. So I am sending this art care package to my future self because I know I will be needing it to remind me of the good things in life and the people and things that make my life great. 

The first things I wanted to put in my care package are pictures of my dogs. My dogs are literally my life. They remind me to be happy when I see their happy faces. 

The next things I wanted to put in there are pictures of my friends. Looking at all the old and new pictures remind me of the good times we spent. 

I also found some pictures of me when I was on my high school’s basketball team. I met some of my closest friends while on the team and we still talk and hang out two years after we graduated. I also found a love for basketball because I decided to join after my freshman year of high school. I was scared when I joined because I had never played a sport before. But it was a great experience and I don’t regret joining the team. 

The first picture was a sketch of me from my friend for my birthday. The other pictures are my sketches from when I took art classes. Now that I am not taking the classes I often take long breaks from drawing even though I really like it. This serves as a reminder to draw once in a while, even if the drawing is not good. 

My art care package is a care package to myself to remind myself of the good memories and know that there is still good things to look forward too. It also tells me to keep doing the things I like to do. 


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