Week 10: Art Activity – Social Network

This week’s art activity is making a social network to see the connections of people in class and on my own social network.  In class, we pinned our picture on the wall and used yarns to connect to other people.

For the second part of the social network, I went on my Facebook page and picked some of my friends to make my own social network.  I chose to connect the people by when I met them.  I color coded the lines.




  1. I think the term “Social Network” only applies to online because in our physical lives, we don’t see all  of our online friends everyday.  Also, a lot of people that we are “friends” with online we actually don’t even know that well.
  2. Dunbar’s Number does make sense to me because it’s not possible to have meaningful relationships with very person you meet.  Those types o relationships are special and takes a lot of time to build.
  3. The number of online friends don’t really mean anything special to me.  It’s just the number of people I have met somehow.  Most of these people are people I barely know.   A lot of them I knew from school.  But I definitely do not talk to most of my online friends.
  4. When I did my social network, I was surprised to find that I know a lot of people who are not the same age as me.  I assumed that most of the people I would know would be the same age, which is true, but I didn’t expect to have so many friends that are not the same age.
  5. I think my personal number would be somewhere around 10-15.  I don’t open up to people easily so I would want to keep the number low.
  6. I definitely have more online friends than close friends.  These “weak ties” have brought cool events in my life because I see people putting “interested” or “going” to events that I might want to go to as well.  I also get some interesting information from these weak ties because of the articles or videos they share.

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