Week 11: Classmate Conversation – Anna Maya

This week, I had a classmate conversation with Anna.  Anna is a second year at CSULB.  She is an anthropology major.  She is an anthropology major because she likes to study cultures.  She said she was unsure of whether she would like to stay as an anthropology major because she does not like to study archaeology.

We were on the bus together on the way to school but we didn’t know we were in the same class.  We talked about the weird guy on the bus and apparently he shouts things at other girls.  I’m definitely more wary of people on the bus now, especially  because that guy got on the bus at the same stop I was at.

This week’s question is about Demi Lovato’s response to fanart.  Anna said that she understands where Demi Lovato is coming from because of her precious struggles with eating disorders.  She says that Demi Lovato has always been very vocal about her comments. She thought that Demi Lovato could have worded it better  because it was from a fan.  However, Anna thought that a body shaming response from another person was going too far.

I definitely agree with Anna.  I’ve known about Demi Lovato back when she was still withy Disney.  I have heard about her body image struggles and I think it is great that she was able to recover from that.  But I think sh could have been more appreciative towards the fan that drew her the art because fanart takes a lot of thought and time.  So I think she could have shown more appreciation towards that fan.



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