Week 13: Classmate Conversation -Allison Cruze


This week, I met Allison.  Allison is a third year at CSULB and she is a studio art major.  This week’s question of the week is whether we would pick the blue pill or the red pill from the movie The Matrix.  Allison said she has never seen the movie.  I was surprised to hear that because The Matrix is a very well known movie and almost everyone has seen it.  The first time that I watched this movie was in my high school film class.  Allison said that she would  choose the red pill because it seems more adventurous and is more like her personality.  Personally, I would also choose the red pill.  I would rather know the truth than stay in a fake world.  Especially since at this point in the movie, Neo has already seen a lot of what the real world is like and I thin it is already too late to turn back and live a normal life.


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